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Broadcast Captioning Training On-Demand Webinar Series
NCRA CEUs available (.2 each or 1.8 entire course)

Prequalified for .2 NCRA CEUs each

Introduction to Broadcast Captioning (001) – This webinar is designed to introduce court reporters to the field of Broadcast Captioning through the presenter’s experiences. They will learn the steps to follow to achieve the skills necessary to become a Broadcast Captioner as well as equipment setup and costs, salary potential, employee vs. remote and much, much more!

Practice Techniques, Editing & Fingerspelling, Alphabets (002) – Participants will learn practice techniques to improve speed, accuracy, fingerspelling, numbers and more. They will also learn editing/paraphrasing and fingerspelling strategies, as well as and several useful alphabets.

Blank & Pass, Block, Flush, Credits & Funds, Parentheticals, Phonetics (& Suspend Captions) (003) – Participants will learn the appropriate situations to clear captions from the screen, the importance of blanking/passing captions from the encoder, when to institute a block command, the significance of the Flush/force-out stroke, how to pop credits and funds when required, and finally how to suspend and unsuspend captions during a live broadcast to prevent unwanted text from going out over the air.

Dictionary Building, Obscenities (004) – Participants will learn the importance of dictionary building, what changes and purges are necessary, as well as techniques on building a captioning dictionary. They will be instructed on how to redefine certain words considered obscene to avoid them inadvertently going out over the air.

Realtime for Captioning (005) – Participants will receive instruction on theory modification and conflict resolution to ensure accurate captioning output.

Musical Notes & Scripting (006) – Participants will learn the art of captioning songs and the proper dictionary entries required to output musical notes to an encoder. Scripting techniques will also be discussed, and instruction will be given on converting and creating scripts and sending scripted files.

Style & Numbers (007) – Participants will receive information on the various captioning styles required by different captioning companies as well as the industry standard on displaying numbers in varying programming situations.

Captioning Sports (008) – Participants will learn the basics of sports captioning including dictionary management, prepping techniques, caption positioning, and how to display scores and stats.

Captioning Hardware, Software & Services (009) – Participants will learn how to build a home office into a captioning studio. A detailed list of required captioning equipment will be provided. The purpose of each piece of equipment will be described in detail as well as tips on troubleshooting.

Other On-Demand Webinars

Prequalified for .2 NCRA CEUs each

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Eclipse Captioning: Scripting (ECS) – .2 NCRA CEUs available
Participants will learn the following Scripting techniques in captioning software:
Converting a script from Word or similar program into captioning software
Creating a script file using captioning software’s Realtime feature
Creating slug lines in a script
Utilizing Script List Manager
Sending a scripted file

StreamText & 1CapApp Webinar (ST1C)- .2 NCRA CEUs available

By attending this webinar, participants will learn following areas of the programs:
Creating an Account
Downloading and installing the Connectors
Setting up outputs in CAT software
Roles, Staff/Writer, and Customers/Viewers
Email Notifications
Event Templates/Presets
Scheduling an Event/Session
How to View and Search for an Event
How to Start an Event
How to Watch an Event
Display of the StreamText Player
Using the Chat Window
Viewing StreamText on hand-held devices
Troubleshooting & Support

Captioning to Zoom and YouTube (with or without StreamText) (ZYT)- .2 NCRA CEUs available
Participants will gain an understanding of the technical requirements involved in delivering captions to the Zoom and YouTube platforms, both directly from captioning software or via third-party service, such as StreamText. Step-by-step instructions will be given as well as demonstrations.

One-on-one Training/ConsultingNCRA CEUs available
Individuals will receive one-on-one training customized to his/her particular needs as it relates to CART/Captioning and/or Eclipse AccuCAP captioning software. Contact us to set up a session today!