about us

c2cc was founded by

Jennifer M. Bonfilio, RMR-CRC

Jennifer providing captions for the USOpen Tennis Tournament in Flushing, NY

She has over 30 years of experience in the Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) and captioning industry providing HUMAN CAPTIONS.

Jennifer began her court reporting career in 1984, working as a freelance reporter for several agencies in New Jersey. In 1994 she was selected as the first CART provider at Princeton University. It was then she was bit by the CART bug! Ms. Bonfilio is a self-taught realtime writer and created her own realtime theory over the last 30 years.

Once the Princeton student graduated in 1999, Ms. Bonfilio gave up court reporting for good and moved to Pittsburgh to begin training as a broadcast captioner. This time she was bit by the captioning bug! She obtained the following certifications throughout her career: CSR, RPR, CRR, RMR, CBC and CCP — all on the first try.

She started her own business in 2001, NJCaptions. NJCaptions provided closed captioning and CART for several captioning companies on a remote basis as well as on-site CART and captioning for its own clients, including her first stadium gig for the New York Yankees. Captioning on site in the stadium of all announcements, videos and music during the 2009 season capped off with the World Series victory stands out as a highlight in Jennifer’s career.

In 2010 Ms. Bonfilio formed a new company, Coast 2 Coast Captioning (c2cc). c2cc provides remote and on-site stadium captioning and CART services throughout the United States and Canada. It utilized over 100 independent contractor captioners.

Ms. Bonfilio was responsible for recruiting, vetting, and training those captioners, as well as the daily operations of the business. c2cc boasted a client roster of dozens of private companies, organizations, colleges/universities, governmental agencies, hospitals, broadcasters/video production companies, theaters, courts, and stadiums. She didn’t catch the admin bug and longed for the days when she could just “write”! Currently, Jennifer accommodates a select roster of clients and fills in the gaps as an independent contractor for a handful of small captioning companies.

Jennifer has been training court reporters transitioning into CART and captioning for nearly two decades, assisting them in realtime theory modification, dictionary building, practice techniques, hardware and software, editing, paraphrasing and fingerspelling.

She has presented at captioning seminars around the country and has written a series of articles for the court reporting community. In addition, Ms. Bonfilio was a member of NCRA’s Captioning and CART Communities of Interest for a number of years.

Jennifer has created several training resources — most recently The Ultimate Captioning Training Manual, which combines all of the materials she created over the past 20 years: The Broadcast Captioning Training Manual, The CART Provider’s Guide, Realtime Training Manual, and Sports Captioning Guidelines — which she uses as tools for captioning trainees. In addition, she has compiled a series of links and resources into an addendum to the Training Manual entitled Closed Captioning Resources. Jennifer chaired the subcommittee of NCRA’s Captioning Community of Interest, which created the Recommended Standards & Format Guidelines for U.S. Programming. She is also a certified Eclipse AccuCap (captioning software) trainer.

Finally, Jennifer co-founded the broadcast captioners forum on Yahoo! Groups, captioners group on groups.io, as well as the Eclipse for CART & Captioning Facebook Group.

She currently resides in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with her wife, Shannan, and pug, Georgie, and enjoys pickleball, hiking, biking and kayaking in her spare time.