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StreamText Webinar - $75
Recorded Friday, December 14, 2012
180 minutes
.30 CEUs available*
By attending this webinar, participants will learn the following areas of the StreamText program:
·Creating a StreamText Account
·Downloading and installing the StreamText Connector
·Setting up CAT software to output to StreamText
·Roles, Staff, and Customers
·How to set up Email Notifications
·How to set up Event Templates
·How to Schedule an Event
·How to View and Search for an Event
·How to Start an Event
·How to Watch an Event
·Display of the StreamText Player
·Using the Chat Window
·Viewing StreamText on hand-held devices (smart phones, iPads, etc.)
·Troubleshooting & Support
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*NCRA requires proof of attendance of seminars/webinars.  NCRA CEUs may or may not be awarded for seminar/webinar playback at the discretion of NCRA
Realtime Fear Buster - $75
Recorded Monday, May 6, 2013
90 minutes
.15 CEUs available*

Curious about realtime but "scaaarrrred" to let anyone watch your screen?  Is your job on the line because you don't write realtime?  This seminar is for you!  A hands-on session where we will get our hands dirty learning valuable realtime skills that will set us apart from the competition and open up a whole new world of opportunities.  You will learn how to write numbers to translate perfectly every time, how to write names, strategies to cope with word-boundary issues, to brief or not to brief, and much more!  Don’t miss this seminar if you want to conquer your fear of realtime once and for all!
Webinar Playback - $75.00
Student discount 50% - $37.50

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*NCRA requires proof of attendance of seminars/webinars.  NCRA CEUs may or may not be awarded for seminar/webinar playback at the discretion of NCRA
Eclipse Dictionary Management - $75
Recorded Monday, June 10, 2013
90 minutes
.15 CEUs available*
Eclipse CART & Captioning users will learn the following dictionary features:
Creating/managing job dictionaries
Dictionary translation hierarchy
Adding/removing dictionaries on the fly
Broadcast Captioning Training (BCT) Webinar Series - $75 each + Broadcast Captioning Training Manual $75
Recorded January-May 2014 (Introduction to Broadcast Captioning recorded April 2013)
120 minutes each
.20 CEUs available* for each

Available Webinar Playbacks
Captioning: Scripting in Eclipse AccuCAP & Stenograph BCS - $75
Recorded Monday, December 2, 2013
150 minutes
.25 NCRA CEUs available*
Jennifer M. Bonfilio, RMR-CBC-CCP
Stephen H. Clark, CBC-CCP
Presenter Bios
Participants will learn the following Scripting techniques:
Converting a script from Word or similar program into captioning software
Creating a script file using captioning software’s Realtime feature
Creating slug lines in a script
Utilizing Script List Manager
Sending a scripted file